Choosing An Online Casino 10 Key Questions Beginners

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Which casino is best for you? Many casinos are available, and you don’t really know which is best for you. Although the thought of online gambling and possibly winning big money is exciting, you still want to make sure you choose wisely.

The 10 questions below should be asked (and answered) by you before you sign up at a specific casino.

1. What types of casino games appeal to me?

It is important to choose the game type you wish to play. The casino offers dozens upon dozens games. From the usual favorites like roulette, blackjack and craps to less common games such as lottery, sports betting, bingo or skill games. Also, you’ll find sites which are dedicated exclusively to poker. These include Texas Holdem as well as 7-Card Stud.

2. What licences do the casinos have?

A software license and a jurisdictional licence are both of great importance. Most online casinos use software developed by a third party, like CryptoLogic and Boss Media. Microgaming is also a top-notch gaming provider. The casinos have to sign long term contracts, some of which cost thousands, in order to access this software. Kahnawake has the highest-profile jurisdictional licence for online casinos. In this way, the country where the online casino is based can audit its payouts independently and check that it adheres to the rules.

3. What are the security measures that the casino uses?

It’s important. If you are going to provide sensitive information about your banking and other personal details to the casino, then it’s important that this is done over a secured connection. It is possible to do this with 128-bit SSL and the encryption will be impenetrable by a potential hacker.

4. How long have the casinos been operating?

It is reasonable to assume that the casino you are considering has been around for more than 5 years.

5. What are the payment and withdrawal methods that the casino uses?

NeTeller FirePay credit card bank transfer and NeTeller are among the more popular payment methods. Check that the payment methods are acceptable to you. Withdrawal methods are equally important. What is the process and when can you expect to get your winnings back? There are any fees associated with withdrawals? You need to ask these important questions.

6. What is the privacy policy of the casino?

Be sure to read through the Privacy Policy before you give out any sensitive information. You want to be sure that your sensitive information will not go to a third party. Do not be bombarded by spam.

7. What are the customer service options offered by the casino?

You should be able to contact customer service by phone or fax 24:7,365, as well as via e-mail, live chat, and email. The fact that they are willing to help resolve issues is a good sign.

8. What are the types of bonuses offered for a new customer?

Consider a casino which offers an attractive welcome bonus but does not require you to wager a lot before withdrawing your winnings. Three types of casino welcome bonuses are offered: Fixed bonus which is activated by a deposit of a specified minimum; Matching bonus (usually a percentage up to the maximum deposit); and No Deposit Bonus m88 mansion.

9. What is the type of loyalty scheme that the casino offers?

Finding a Casino that offers regular rewards is crucial if you are planning to regularly gamble. Known as Comp or VIP programs, these can appear in many forms. You should carefully read the terms and conditions, then compare them to those of other loyalty programmes.

10. How many different types of play guides can you find at the casino

Best online casinos offer a systematized guide that will help you start your casino experience, and also comprehensive game guides to teach you all about the different games. Make sure you read the guides and that they help and are easy to understand.

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The Importance of Auditing With Online Casinos

Reputable internet casino operators have their games inspected by independent auditing companies to ensure fairness to all players. Auditing is a requirement enforced through the various licensing authorities. It also serves to demonstrate that their business is fair, reliable, and trustworthy. eCOGRA (e-Commerce Online Gambling Regulation and Assurance) is one of the major auditing firms. It is a non profit organization, established in 2002 to help online gambling be self-regulated. eCOGRA makes available its auditing reports to the public. Before you choose a casino, make sure you look at these reports.

Three certificates are available from eCOGRA that can be earned by online casino operators. One certificate shows that the games of the operator are fair and that the business is safe and responsible. Another certificate relates to the casino’s random number generator (RNG). It proves the fairness of RNGs used in games like video poker, blackjack and roulette. eCOGRA reviews the RNGs used by casinos for six months. This is to ensure that numbers are accurate and games are fair. eCOGRA also generates the Percentpayout Review. It shows you average payout percentages in various game categories. They’re performed monthly and reflect average payouts.

How can you interpret the numbers in reports like eCOGRA’s PercentPayout Review? The average percentage payout at a specific web casino for a given month was 95.66%. That means that for every $100 wagered on the games category that you’re interested in, the casino received $4.34. You might notice that payout percentages for some games are higher than others  카지노커뮤니티. Poker is an example of a game where strategy and skill play a role in the outcome. Slots are based more on luck. If you’re new to poker and are thrilled to see a high average payout on poker, be aware that skilled players may also be responsible.

eCOGRA may not be the only independent auditor. Technical Systems Testing is not the only respected online gaming auditor. BMM International and Gaming Associates (Australia) are also independent and highly respected. Price Waterhouse Coopers is (PWC), Certified Fair Gambling (CFG), and BMM International are all other respectable ones.

The software that runs the games is what makes internet gambling possible. The software determines the fairness of the games. It’s important to make sure that online gambling is fair. Once the software has been certified as fair, the next step is to ensure you’re playing at an online casino that is trustworthy.

Online casinos make a lot of money. They want to keep their customers happy and follow the rules. They also know the dangers of unfair treatment and losing customers. Unfortunately, there are some scam sites out there. To help you avoid these, ensure that you check that every casino you are considering playing at has reliable software. This includes software from Rival Gaming, Vegas Technology, and Realtime Gaming. In addition, you should verify that the audit reports include information about the monthly payout percentages.

Horse Betting Systems – Can They Really Help Make You a Profit?

Horse betting systems are well-established. As with all things, there are good systems as well as bad systems. There are also betting systems that may not be worth your time. It is essential to find a horse betting system that works for you. There are many systems that can help you wager on horses.


This is the most basic and most popular horse betting system. These are easily found on the Internet. These systems have two main goals: to increase your betting bank and to help you pick winners in races. You will find techniques to help you increase your horse racing strike rate with the majority of these ebooks. Some ebooks offer advanced betting tips, such as how BetFair works and how to lose on a horse. Others are intended for beginners. Some horse betting systems also provide basic information on horses. These ebooks are a valuable resource for those who want to make a profit from horse racing betting. A good system will give you the information and methods that you can use when you bet with horses.


Many horse betting systems use statistics and calculations in order to identify the best horse to wager on. With the advent of the Internet and computers, it was only natural that software could be built and used to do these tasks. It is much simpler to insert information about the horse or the horse race into software than using paper or just your brain. Can you imagine trying to find out all the details of a horse-racing race like post position, track conditions and history, as well as history of the jockey and trainer? You can find the Racing form for each horse and use it to place your bet M88. For one horse it takes a lot of effort, and for all the horses in the race it is a lot more. You can imagine doing that for a whole day of racing. After a day on the horse track, you’d be quite tired. Software allows the bettor many different “what-if” scenarios for each horse or race. BetFair uses some software to analyze odd. This could allow bettors find the possible advantages a horse might have in a race against other horses.

Member Sites:

You can sign up for the horse betting system to get information, betting tips, and/or recommendations from professional punters. They analyze each horse and do the research. This gives you the freedom to only place bets on horses or narrows down your options. Next, you can add your betting options to dig deeper and decide if you would like to bet on the horses. Horse Betting System membership sites offer additional resources to assist you in betting on horses. Many sites provide horse betting software. Chatting with other punters can help you improve your odds of striking more often. You can exchange information and tips about horse betting when you’re at the ticket window.

Horse betting systems may be of value when you wager on horses. There are many different types of betting systems available, depending on what you need. You can enjoy horse racing by finding a reliable one that is profitable.

Blackjack Bot Cashes Casino Deposit Bonuses Automatically

Online casinos offer deposit bonus to lure new players. Casino customers get free money to use at the casino. However, this means that you can not withdraw any profits or even your own money until you have wagered what can seem like a lot.

Online casinos might offer a 100% match for your first deposit, up to $100, and a wagering requirement minimum of 15x the deposit plus bonus. That’s $200 x 15. This equals $3000 total bets. This can be a slow process, especially when you have a minimum stake of $1. If a player is impatient, he will most likely bet more to get that bonus money.

This is because the higher your stake, the more susceptible you are to short-term luck swings or natural variances. It makes the whole experience more risky. The casino offering the bonus knows this. Customers who play low-house-edge games such as blackjack are almost certain to be able cash out the bonuses as a profit. The house edge in online Blackjack is only 1/2 of 1%.

You can now use the blackjack bot. This is an autoplay program that runs on your computer. It will play basic strategy for you. You can set it to place the minimum bet and the maximum amount of hands, then you can go to bed. The bot handles all the play and makes bonus-cashing easy.

“Online casinos should offer deposit bonuses as part their marketing because this is an industry standard and it’s what they expect of them,” said a casino bot user, when asked about the rise in online bots. “It works because most players become impatient, and will place larger wagers, putting themselves at the mercy both of variance and house edge.

He said that casinos make a lot of money because players are willing to bet big and give up when they lose. “Bot products help to smoothen out winning and losing streaks, so you almost always cash-out your deposit bonus’ expected value.” These expected values can vary from casino to casino, but they typically represent 80% of the actual bonus.

Many of these casinos offer regular “reload bonuses” every month. This means that players can make another deposit next month to receive additional bonus money m88

Is it really as simple as that? Are online casinos happy to allow bot users to take their promotional bonus money?

This question remains unanswered. Most online businesses that have been infiltrated are able to take measures such as Myspace (the popular social networking site). However, it is not clear how serious the threat to online casinos stemming from a few bot-users exploiting the flaws in their bonus policies. It’s even more difficult to determine if they are willing to spend the money or resources to rectify the problem, since the bot programmers always seem one step ahead.

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