How to Use Video Marketing to Increase Website Traffic

One of the most powerful ways to drive traffic to your site is to use video marketing. Videos can also be used to improve the look of your site. What better way to showcase your business or product than to present it visually. We love to see someone behind the sales pitch as it helps us trust them more.

People like to watch videos. They say they are more attractive than plain text. Why is this? We all grew up with television and got used to seeing something visual. We naturally gravitate toward videos about it. You will stand out from the crowd if you can deliver a quality video marketing experience that delivers value to people.

There are many ways to create a video and I will cover some of them now.

Firstly, you don’t have to be Steven Spielberg. You also don’t have to create Avatar proportions to do Internet video marketing. While there are some professional looking videos on YouTube and other video hosting sites, there are also many amateur looking videos. This is not to say that there is anything wrong with it. On the contrary, in fact. If you are demonstrating a product, for example, it would be better if you presented it in a raw and no frills format. This is the best way to create your videos for video marketing.

What video equipment do I need?

If you have a smartphone like an iPhone or something similar, you can use the high definition video feature to create your video. Alternatively, palm size camcorders such as the Flip or Kodak range offer excellent video quality. The only problem with these types of cameras is that you may need to get closer to the built-in microphone.

If you have a camcorder for video marketing, use it anyway. Ideally, this is what I personally prefer to use, because it is easier to control and works well with a tripod.

Once you’ve created your video, you may want to edit it or add subtle titles and effects. If you have a Windows computer, try using Windows Movie Maker, which you’ll find on your PC.

If you use a Mac, iMovie provides great results for video marketing content. It is not worth investing in a complete editing package for these types of videos. Creating the video Make sure that when creating your video, you use these video marketing tips:

Broadcast the main points
Look straight at the camera
Speak clearly
Add value
Add a link to your site.
It helps if you can add a little humor to your video, but that’s not absolutely necessary. In many cases, it may depend on the subject, as some topics do not lend themselves well to humor.

Essentially, with your video marketing, try to make your video interesting to the viewer. You want to wrap them up and keep them coming back if possible.

Video software

Microsoft PowerPoint is used to create slide shows. With Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, you can display your slideshow in a video file. What this means is that you can use PowerPoint to create your video using text slides, photos, music, narration and save the whole thing as a video file.

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