Blackjack Bot Cashes Casino Deposit Bonuses Automatically

Online casinos offer deposit bonus to lure new players. Casino customers get free money to use at the casino. However, this means that you can not withdraw any profits or even your own money until you have wagered what can seem like a lot.

Online casinos might offer a 100% match for your first deposit, up to $100, and a wagering requirement minimum of 15x the deposit plus bonus. That’s $200 x 15. This equals $3000 total bets. This can be a slow process, especially when you have a minimum stake of $1. If a player is impatient, he will most likely bet more to get that bonus money.

This is because the higher your stake, the more susceptible you are to short-term luck swings or natural variances. It makes the whole experience more risky. The casino offering the bonus knows this. Customers who play low-house-edge games such as blackjack are almost certain to be able cash out the bonuses as a profit. The house edge in online Blackjack is only 1/2 of 1%.

You can now use the blackjack bot. This is an autoplay program that runs on your computer. It will play basic strategy for you. You can set it to place the minimum bet and the maximum amount of hands, then you can go to bed. The bot handles all the play and makes bonus-cashing easy.

“Online casinos should offer deposit bonuses as part their marketing because this is an industry standard and it’s what they expect of them,” said a casino bot user, when asked about the rise in online bots. “It works because most players become impatient, and will place larger wagers, putting themselves at the mercy both of variance and house edge.

He said that casinos make a lot of money because players are willing to bet big and give up when they lose. “Bot products help to smoothen out winning and losing streaks, so you almost always cash-out your deposit bonus’ expected value.” These expected values can vary from casino to casino, but they typically represent 80% of the actual bonus.

Many of these casinos offer regular “reload bonuses” every month. This means that players can make another deposit next month to receive additional bonus money m88

Is it really as simple as that? Are online casinos happy to allow bot users to take their promotional bonus money?

This question remains unanswered. Most online businesses that have been infiltrated are able to take measures such as Myspace (the popular social networking site). However, it is not clear how serious the threat to online casinos stemming from a few bot-users exploiting the flaws in their bonus policies. It’s even more difficult to determine if they are willing to spend the money or resources to rectify the problem, since the bot programmers always seem one step ahead.

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